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Infuse More Ease and Flow into Your Life and Business

So much of what we have been taught is how to embody masculine energy. 

Masculine energy is analytical, impatient, assertive and logical. Its about DOING. 

Feminine energy on the other hand is about BEING. It's the energy of receiving, flow, intuition, and community. 

We all have access to both energies, however the majority of people are living solely from their masculine energy. 

This is because as a society, we seem to value the masculine traits of DOING rather than BEING.  

We have not been taught how to incorporate our divine feminine energy into our life and business.  

Always being in our masculine is what typically causes overwhelm and burnout.  

But there is a better way.  

And this is exactly what you will learn at this 5-day retreat: how to embody the energy of the high priestess so you can create more ease, flow, and abundance in your life and business. 

By the end of the 5-day retreat you will:

  • Be more connected with your feminine energy
  • Learn how to identify BEFORE you are overwhelmed and burnt out
  • Step into your highest self 
  • Embody the energy of the high priestess
  • Create life-long soul connections with other women 

This is an exclusive retreat, limited to 11 women. 

I am committed to every woman walking away with massive results, which is why everyone will be interviewed to determine if the retreat is a good fit.  

I'm ready to connect with my divine feminine!

"Randi’s retreat really changed my life

There were so many things that contributed to my transformation and healing. 

When I reflect back to her retreat, the most impactful moment was during Lucie’s movement workshop. 

Coincidently, the theme of that day was “Transformation,” and boy is that sure what happened. 

You see, I’ve always had this insecurity of my voice which was very limiting considering I’m most powerful when I use my voice to be heard and create an impact. 

While projecting our voices in unison harmonically during this workshop, I had the feeling that my unique voice belonged, that there was a place for it; not just in that circle of powerful women, but in this universe. 

I broke through the debilitating belief of trying to sound similar to others to feel like I fit in and accepted. I started bawling my eyes out and found myself embraced by every single woman of that circle and experienced unconditional love. 

Everyone started to sing “this little light of mine” and I felt like I was ascending and my feet were no longer on the ground. I saw nothing but a bright angelic light that filled my vision. 

I have truly been a different person since Randi’s retreat. I no longer feel awkward to be in this world anymore. 

I stopped worrying about what other people think of me and life has just been unfolding so beautifully and magically ever since." -Quynne

I want to experience this!

Everything You Need to Embody Your Feminine Energy

Embodiment Exercises 

Reconnect with your highest self through:

  • Powerful guided meditations 
  • Transformational sound healing 
  • Incredible releasing ceremony 
  • Intuitive cacao ceremony
  • Beautiful goddess dance

Through moving our bodies we can access higher levels of consciousness and can move stuck emotions through the body. 

The body is a powerful source of wisdom, however so many of us are disconnected from our bodies, and therefore our power. 

You will leave this retreat feeling more at home in your body and have the ability to tap into your inner knowing.  

Soul Connections

Be surrounded by other women who are on a similar journey to fully love and accept themselves and show up fully embodied in their power. 

You will be celebrated. 

You will be held. 

You will feel seen and heard. 

You will have your highest self reflected back to you through your fellow sister goddesses.

You belong here. 

Empowering Professional Photoshoot 

Participate in an empowered photoshoot that reflects your individual personality, your purpose, your essence, and your divine calling. 

This is where you get to let your feminine goddess energy SHINE! 

Feel empowered and more alive than ever before. 

Receive several high quality, professional photos that you can use for your business and social media. 

This is an exclusive retreat, limited to 11 women.  

I am committed to every woman walking away with massive results which is why everyone will be interviewed to determine if the retreat is a good fit. 

Schedule retreat consultation 

What's Included

Included in your stay:  

  • 5 day/ 4 night stay in beautiful Hawaii ($600 value)
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and mimosas) ($500 value)
  • Transportation from/to Honolulu International Airport and throughout the retreat ($200 value)
  • All activities and workshops w/ guest speakers ($2,000 value)
  • 30 minute 1:1 coaching session with Randi ($500 value)
  • Professional Photoshoot ($1,000 value)
  • Gift bag full of goodies (over $200 value)  

Over $5,000 value for only 

$1,997 in full (early bird offer, good until 2/14/20)

or 4 payments of $555 

*Price will increase on 2/15/20, and payment plan options will be limited. 

"Hello my name's Kennequea! I attended Randi’s retreat back in November. 

Before attending the retreat I had been journaling for an experience that would completely blow my mind away! 

That’s exactly what I got! I found a community of like minded amazing women(my sisters now) I was able to get crystal clear on my messages, my voice, & intention while being supported by amazing souls!

Randi the whole retreat inspired me beyond words with her passion & love for radical transformation in every soul that attend! I loved how present she was throughout the whole process! 

Every workshop provided me with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to apply in my everyday life. 

This retreat has changed the way I show up in this world! & I will always be forever grateful for Randi!! 

But I know if you’re reading this I don’t have to tell you how amazing Randi is because you already know! 

If you’re still looking for a reason to book your spot!! Look no further! This is the confirmation you’ve been looking for!"

Who this retreat is for:

  • A woman feeling overwhelmed and burntout in her business who is ready to create more flow, ease, and abundance  
  • Lacking the confidence and clarity around your message 
  • Seeking a sisterhood of other powerful women that she can be connected with long after the retreat
  • Desiring to make an impact in the world with her voice 
  • A woman who is ready to step out of her comfort zone and into her greatness 

Who it's not for:

  • Anyone not ready to step out of their comfort zone in order to achieve their goals
  • Not ready to let go of blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Not looking for a community of likeminded women 
  • Not ready to invest in yourself and your mission

Meet Your Hosts 

Randi Lee- Business Mindset Coach for Soulful Women, Host of Uplifting Podcast 

Randi's mission is to empower every woman to show up unapologetically as themselves. 

Most people believe that no one is perfect; Randi believes that EVERYONE is perfect. 

Your mistakes, past experience, and unique differences are what make you powerful. When we own our story we have the power to change the ending and create a life greater than our wildest dreams. 

Randi will help you reconnect with your highest self through helping you shed the limiting beliefs and rewrite the old stories that are holding you back. 

Lucie Lynch- International Singer/Songwriter and Soul Sound Alchemist

Lucie is committed to helping you connect with your own unique voice through the power of music, sound healing, and improvisational exercises. She has the ability to get you in touch with your most creative, curious, and playful self. 

"Honestly, no words can describe how life changing Randi’s retreat has been for me. 

I can 100% say that no retreat has ever made me feel the way I did coming out of Randi’s retreat. I went to that retreat choosing to be open-minded and I came out feeling so rejuvenated, clear minded and at ease with myself. 

I met a group of beautiful like-minded women who are now my sisters that I can depend on. 

Through the workshops that were presented, I gained a vision of who I am as an individual, understanding myself on a deeper level. 

I gained a clear vision on my purpose and standing behind my purpose, learning how to release any fear or doubts I have to pursue it. 

I recommend Randi’s retreat to anyone ready to dig deep within themselves and having that strong urge to grow. 

I am forever blessed and thankful for the opportunity that Randi has presented because it honestly has given me hope in myself and in what I want to accomplish and who I am going to become." -Nicole D.

Fast Action Bonuses


The first 5 people to sign up before 2/15/20 will receive the following bonuses:

VIP group coaching call with Randi and Lucie before the retreat to help you:

  •  Gain clarity on what it is that is holding you back from fully stepping into your power 
  • Prepare to do the inner work that will be the focus of the 5-day retreat
  • Start to break through limiting beliefs and changing old stories so you can step into your highest self

$500 value

Making Money on Social Media course by Randi Lee 

4 hour self paced course that will teach you:

  • How to create a magnatizing brand online
  • How to create content that connects and converts with your ideal client
  • How to optimize your Instagram stories to SELL
  • How to convert loyal followers into clients

$197 value  

Group sound healing session with Lucie before the retreat that will help you to:

  • Reduce stress, pain, and anxiety relief
  • Speed up healing process
  • Improve symptoms of depression
  • Enhanced brain function
  • Repair & activate DNA
  • Improve sleep 
  • Bring more joy & motivation
  • Spark new creative ideas and help to bring clarity 

$149 value

Love Excellence with Christina Geri 

6 week, self-paced course that will help you:

  •  Reprogram your subconscious
  •  Live in the frequency of gratitude
  • Discover your purpose
  • Recreate your relationship to success/excellence to one that loves the path to success instead of feeling like you cannot have your cake and eat it to

$444 value 

Over $1,200 in value for FREE when you sign up before 2/15


Where is retreat being held?  

The retreat will be held on the west cost of the island of Oahu. Plan to fly into Honolulu International Airport. You will be picked up from there and transported to the retreat center.  

Is transportation provided? Do I need a car?  

Transportation is provided to and from the airport as well as throughout the retreat. You do not need to have a car.  

What time does the retreat start?  

Check in is from 3pm-5pm on Friday, May 15th. The retreat officially starts at 5pm on Friday. If flying in, plan to arrive by 2pm to be transported to the retreat center from the airport. You will have time to settle in and unpack prior to our opening ceremony.  

What time does the retreat end?  

The retreat will end by 1pm on Tuesday, May 19th. You will be dropped off at the Honolulu International Airport by 2pm to catch your return flight home.  

Are there food and drinks?  

Yes, girl! All meals are included (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks). There will be vegan and gluten free options. Plus, enjoy mimosas and wine. 

Will I have my own room?

The rooms are double occupancy. You will have your own bed, however you will be sharing a room with another woman. 

What should I wear?

Bring comfortable clothes to wear throughout the retreat. Bring a bathing suit, beach, and active wear. Bring a white dress for our closing ceremony. You will also want to have a couple nice outfits for social media photos. We will be taking photos throughout the retreat, so you will want to look your best as a goddess in your life and business!  

Will I really have individualized attention?

Yes! Everyone at the retreat will get a private coaching session with Randi after the retreat. 

Does the event sell out or have a limited in size?

This event is limited to 11 people so that it is curated for you.  

Are there refund policies?

We need you to be committed to your own business and life as we are. There are no refunds.  

Other questions? Schedule a retreat consultation or email me at 

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